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24th August 2020 – Planning Application Submitted for Warehousing off Huncote Road:

A formal development proposal has been submitted for warehousing and industrial units near Highfields Enterprise Centre off Huncote road.  Here the developers want to build 7 large warehouses and if successful, expect them to be occupied from as early as summer 2021!

There is no provision in the plan for any development to the road infrastructure. So all the additional cars and lorries will get to and from this development through the centre of Stoney Stanton. How much more can our village take?

We urge everyone to take a look at the plans and make your voices heard – we only have until September 10th to make our objections. Please go online here and click Search Applications, reference 20/0835/RM
You’ll be able to view the plans and post your comments.

Also you can see the developer’s information here.

24th March 2020 – HIF Bid rejected

It was announced that the government have rejected Leicestershire County Council’s bid for a £19m share of the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) to make changes to junction 2 of the M69. These changes are thought to be key for both the Council’s strategic housing plans and the HNRFI. Whilst this is good news, it is not yet the end of the matter – as the Council could raises the funds with developers. see the cabinet report here and the Leicester Mercury article here.

11th February 2020 – HNFRI debated in Parliament

The Hinckley National Rail Freight Interchange was debated in parliament by Alberto Costa MP on 11th February 2020 – here you can watch the video or read the transcript.