Welcome to Stoney Stanton Action Group

Formed by residents of Stoney Stanton, the action group is part of Stoney Stanton Community Association and aims to stand-up for our village.

Enormous warehousing and thousands of new houses threaten to destroy our village forever.

These proposed developments¬†will have a serious impact on our village – they’ll be an extra burden on our roads, our school, the doctors surgery and other services – not to mention devastating environmental consequences!

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They’re not a done deal

It’s important to realise that these proposed developments have to undergo formal consultation – so there’s still time for us all to make our voices heard and STOP the over-development of our village and countryside.

We can all make a difference

The more villagers that oppose these developments in the right way and at the right time, the better chance we have in preserving our village.

Show your support today

(simply submit your details using the form on the right – or contact us at the village hall)

Support the Action Group and we’ll make sure you know what’s happening and what you can do to have your say:

We’ll show you what’s being proposed and when

We’ll provide you with the tools, information and critical dates – so you can make your voice heard simply and effectively

We’ll give you updates on the proposals and the actions being taken

If you have skills and knowledge that could help us fight these developments, or simply want to help by spreading the word or distributing leaflets, then please contact us.