Leicestershire housing infrastructure fund bid

What is Housing and Infrastructure Fund (HIF)?

The Housing and Infrastructure Fund (HIF) is run by central government with the aim of supporting the delivery and building of 100,000 homes in the United Kingdom

A fund of up to £2.3 BILLION for new infrastructure to unlock sites in areas of high local housing demand

Full details of the proposed bid by Leicestershire County Council (LCC) are not full known yet.

How will it effect Stoney Stanton?

What we do know is that that LCC have proposed our local area as a strategic development area.

On the above map, the area in green is identified as the Development Area – running between Stoney Stanton and the M69. This is a huge area, far bigger than Stoney Stanton and Sapcote put together!

We also know that land surrounding Stoney Stanton is being offered for site consideration by LCC (this is highlighted in pink). Also this land is owned by LCC and currently operating as working farms.

If the Bid is successful it is expected that around 4500 homes and commercial buildings could be built here.

All this is on top of the proposed rail freight development.

When will we know more?

We’re expecting to hear more details of this bid early in 2020 – At that point we will then have the opportunity to review the proposals and we’ll all then be able to make our feelings known in the strongest way.

What can I do about this?

Please support the Stoney Stanton Action Group using the form above! We’ll help you to write to the right people at the right time and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.