Blaby District Council Housing Plans

Blaby District Council’s Local Plan Options Document consultation officially closed on March 12th 2021

However they told us the want to hear from as many residents as possible – so it’s important even now to have your say!

Leicestershire County Council have identified the land between Stoney Stanton and the M69 as a Strategic Development Area (SDA). Together with Blaby District Council (BDC), they are putting forward proposals that would see around 6,000 new houses being built across this area.

It could form part of Blaby District Council’s Local Plan in which they are putting forward plans to build over 17000 new houses across the Blaby District. This far exceeds the number of houses they are required to provide.

It seems that BDC are happy to pick up all of Leicester City’s un-met housing needs, when Leicester themselves should be considering brownfield site developments, inner city rejuvenation and sharing the burden across the whole county.

How will it affect Stoney Stanton?

This forms part of Blaby DC’s Local Plan Consultation Jan 2021

The above map shows plots of farmland around Stoney Stanton that are being considered as “reasonable” for development by BDC. They are now part of the Councils Local Plan Options Document, released on January 28th for public consultation until March 12th 2021.

As residents we officially had until this date to comment on the council’s plans and in particular the proposed sites – but they have told us they will accept comments after this date.

These proposals threaten to destroy many hundreds of acres of farmland, with no proper infrastructure in place to support them.

On top of this, the proposed Hinckley National Rail Freight Interchange (HNRFI) would occupy the other side of the M69 as well.

Most of the areas highlighted above are up for consideration (red sites indicate housing, whilst blue represents industry and warehousing including the HNRFI) – but they are not a done deal, so if we don’t want them to happen, we need to STOP them being shortlisted for the final Local Plan.

You can view the Council document for yourself here.
Also the list of sites and the rationale for consideration are available here (go to pages 214-231).

Please write to Blaby District Council referencing the Local Plan Options Consultation – using the email or address below and let them know what you think.

The consultation focused on the following:
1. The options for the location of future development and the direction that the Council expects to take.
2. All “reasonable” site options. These are sites being considered for development by the Council.
3. The main policies they expect to include in the Local Plan.

Simply write a letter outlining what you agree or disagree to – and if possible relate your objections to relevant policies in their document such as Biodiversity, Environmental, and Infrastructure etc.

To help you there’s a template below and the Action Group’s response to all the questions BDC have posed in their document.

Useful downloads:

1/ Template Response Form – list of questions being asked by BDC

2/ Action Group Response to Questions


Please make sure you refer to Blaby Local Plan Options Consultation


write to: Blaby Local Plan Options Consultation, Blaby District Council, Council Offices, Desford Road, Narborough, Leicester, LE19 2EP

We also suggest copying our local Councillors. They are:

Deanne Freer

Iain Hewson

Please support the Stoney Stanton Action Group using the form above! We’ll help you to write to the right people at the right time and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.