Land West of Stoney Stanton

SSAG are aware that The Pegasus Group have posted information to residents of Stoney Stanton about a “Visioning Workshop” which is to be held in the Stoney Stanton Village Hall on Wednesday 13th October 2021.
The Workshop is by invitation only, and to be invited you must apply by Friday 24th September. To apply, go to their website at:

We would encourage people to apply if they are able to attend.
The exercise is a “Visioning Workshop”, NOT a consultation. The formal consultation will happen later. At this point, Pegasus are asking for people’s views about what the development should look like if it were to go ahead.
Whereas SSAG has serious concerns about the shear scale of the potential development, it’s probable impact on traffic, local resources, local identity and sustainability amongst others, we feel that this event is not the arena for voicing these concerns as it is an information gathering exercise for Pegasus. However it is an important event for us to gain more information about what Pegasus are proposing.

SSAG will be sending a representative.