Fosse Villages Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Residents have voted YES

On Thursday, 6th May, 2021, residents of the Fosse Villages voted Yes or No to the following question:

“Do you want Blaby District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Fosse Villages to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

The result was a convincing 3,439 in favour and 586 against.

What is the Fosse Villages Neighbourhood Plan (FVNP)?

The FVNP has been put together by the parishes of Croft, Huncote, Sapcote, Sharnford, Stoney Stanton, Thurlaston, Aston Flamville, Leicester Forest West, Potters Marston and Wigston Parva. Part of The Fosse Villages Neighbourhood Plan aims to protect the villages from large scale development taking place on green spaces and farmland adjacent to the villages. It also aims to ring-fence the villages from further development  and seeks to improve infrastructure and facilities. The plan (Referendum Version 2020) can be downloaded from Blaby District Council’s website here.

(There is also a copy of the plan in the Stoney Stanton library – see pages 70-76 for specific reference to Stoney Stanton)

The Fosse Villages Neighbourhood Plan is not to  be confused with the Blaby District Local Plan which is currently being formulated. However, the Fosse Villages Neighbourhood Plan, along with other Neighbourhood Plans, have to be considered by Blaby District Council when they put their Local Plan together. It’s not a guarantee against further development, but it’s a formal opportunity to ensure that Blaby District Council do take into account residents’ opinions when considering planning applications.

The plan ensures that the threat of further developments in and around Stoney Stanton are considered in the best interests of the village and residents.  

Leicestershire County Council and Blaby District Council have identified our area as a possible site for the construction of over 5,000 houses. The Fosse Villages Neighbourhood Plan, does not include sites for development, but seeks to protect our villages and rural surroundings.